Ushuaia & Antarctica

During the 2023-2024 academic year, Dr. Sammells is on sabbatical in Ushuaia, Argentina, where she is conducting an ethnographic study of tourism to Antarctica. Dr. Sammells plans to interview people traveling to Antarctica his season before and after they travel.  These interviews can be conducted remotely (via zoom) or in person in Ushuaia, in either English or Spanish.  If you are willing, she would like to talk to you!  You can email her at: ate @

Since 2015, Dr. Sammells has been co-leading the Antarctica Travel Experience Project with Duane Griffin (Assoc. Prof of Geography, Bucknell University) and Claudia Roedel (Expedition Leader).  Through surveys and follow-up interviews with Antarctic tourists for two seasons, and ethnographic participation in one tourist expedition (Dec 2018-Jan 2019), this research aims to understand various aspects of Antarctic tourism, including human/animal relationships, understandings of human/environment interactions, and ideas about Antarctic Ambassadorship.

IRB Informed Consent Forms in English and Spanish.  These forms explain how Dr. Sammells manages data to maintain the confidentiality of people she interviews. This research has been approved by the Bucknell University Institutional Review Board, 1516-053, 1516-116, 1718-057, 1819-065, 2324-006.

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